Duck polio is the common name for polio caused by the bacterium Riemerella in ducks. With the characteristics of inflammation of the internal organs, creating irreversible lesions, greatly affecting the productivity of ducks.

The cause to the illness

Hemophilia in ducks is caused by the bacteria Riemerella anatipestifer infecting the blood. Riemerella anatipestifer is a gram-negative bacterium, with up to 21 different serotypes capable of causing disease. An individual in a herd can be infected with many different serotypes.

Hemorrhagic fever in ducks is the same as polio in swans (Siamese ducks).

Age of illness

Duck poliomyelitis can occur very early, the pathogen is transmitted through the incubator.


Ducks have fever, refuse to eat, are lazy to exercise or lie down.

Diarrhea with white liquid stools.

Ducks have dry feet, feathers do not have a glossy layer, so they should swim or sink.

Vịt bơi bị chìm
Swimming duck sunk


Hemorrhagic fever in ducks is characterized by inflammation and thickening of the membranes of internal organs such as the liver and heart.

Bại huyết trên vịt gây viêm màng bao gan, bao tim
Hemoptysis in ducks causes pericarditis, pericarditis


Duck polio vaccine is only 70 % effective because there are many serotypes causing the disease at the same time and it does not have cross-immunity. Next, the disease occurs early, so the time of vaccination will not be able to protect the ducks.

Using antibiotics is an effective way to prevent disease.

Also use ICO-ANTI VIRUS 1g/10kg b.w./day or ICO-ANTI VIRUS WATER 1 ml/5kg b.w./day + ICO-antibiotics 1g/5kg b.w./day, from 1 day old throughout the rearing process for meat ducks to helps strengthen the phagocytic system, completely destroys Riemerella, anti-inflammatory to prevent the above irreversible lesions, helps control hemophilia in ducks caused by Riemerella highly effectively. 

ICO-Anti virus


Drugs for the treatment of poliomyelitis in ducks and chicks use one of the following regimens:

Plan 1: 

Inject drugs containing Ceftiofur + Gentamycin injection 1 to 2 days, 1 dose per day.

Give an additional 3-5 days of medication containing Ceftiofur 

Plan 2:

Inject drugs containing Flofenicol + Doxycillin for 1 to 2 days, 1 dose per day.

Give 3-5 days more medicine with ingredients Flofenicol + Doxycillin

Both regimens are used for ducks drinking ICO-ANTI VIRUS 1g/10kg body weight/day or ICO-ANTI VIRUS WATER 1ml/5kg body weight/day + ICO-HERBAL ANTI-INFECTIONS 1g/5kg body weight/day.

ICO-Kháng viêm thảo dược
ICO-Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

If you apply the above solution to prevent and treat polio in ducks If it works, please share it with your loved ones.

Thank you !

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