The phenomenon of leg cramps, paralysis, and growth retardation is one of the manifestations of Reovirus in chickens.

The cause to the illness

  • Avian Reovirus (AVR) disease.
  • Avian Reovirus (AVR) is a double-stranded RNA virus, belonging to the family Reoviridae in the genus Orthoreovirus.
  • The virus is transmissible horizontally and can be transmitted vertically from hens to chicks.

Age of illness

  • Chickens, turkeys from 6 to 40 days old are susceptible to Avian Reovirus.

Clinical symptoms

  • Chickens infected with Avian Reovirus will have leg cramps.
Reovirus trên vịt làm chân gà co quắp
Reovirus on chickens makes chicken legs twitch (Photo: Huyen Thu)

Chicken has one leg polio, leg stretched out to the side.

Chickens grow slower than the same age.

Reovirus gây bại liệt 1 chân
Reovirus causes paralysis of one leg

Typical disease

  • Reovirus disease in chickens with typical lesions is arthritis of the feet.
Reovirus làm khớp bàn chân gà sưng
Reovirus causes chicken feet joints to swell
  • Tendonitis
Reovirus gây viêm bao gân gà
Reovirus causes tendinitis

Swelling, arthritis of the knee, hemorrhagic inflammation of the muscle near the knee joint.

Reovirus gây viêm khớp chân gà
Reovirus causes chicken feet arthritis (Photo: Huyen Thu)
  • Arthritis epidemic in Reovirus disease in chickens as a viscous form.
BệnhReovirus trên gà dịch viêm dạng reo
Reovirus disease in chickens with clear, viscous inflammatory disease
  • When dissecting the internal organs, severe liver necrosis was found
Reovirus gan gà hoại tử nặng
Chicken liver reovirus severe necrosis
  • Chicken spleen is severely necrotic
Reovirus lách gà hoại tử nặng
Reovirus with severe necrosis of chicken spleen

Differential diagnosis

Reovirus disease in chickens needs to be distinguished from the following diseases:

Polio due to lack of substance

  • The joints of the chicken's feet are not swollen, the chickens are often lying down, walking with their legs wobbly and not moving.

Arthritis caused by Mycoplasma Synoviae

  • Chicken knee arthritis, yellow joint fluid, no glue.
Viêm khớp mủ vàng do Mycoplasma
Mycoplasma purulent arthritis

Streptococcus arthritis

  • Chickens have knee arthritis, foot joints, but white purulent inflammatory fluid.
Viêm khớp do Streptococcus
Streptococcus arthritis

Typhoid disease

  • Chickens were sick with typhoid, the liver was necrotic in the shape of round dots, sparse, but not as severe as Reovirus disease in chickens.
Gan gan gà hoại tử vàng ngà do thương hàn
Chicken liver necrosis yellow ivory due to typhoid

Preventive solutions

  • Using lethal vaccines for broodstock chickens, preventing the transmission of infection from mother hens to chicks through egg embryos.
  • The vaccine that can be used contains strains of Avian Reovirus: 1133, 2177, 1733 and 2408, all of which protect against the pathogenic strain 1133.

Some types of vaccines you can use to inject chickens at 10 weeks of age, to create antibodies for chicks are:

  • Zoetis vaccine: POULVAC MATERNAVAC® or TRI-REO®
  • Ceva's vaccine: CEVAC REOMUNE 3

Vaccination of chicks with attenuated vaccine is necessary to prevent Reovirus disease in chickens.

Combined with full vaccination against diseases such as: Marek, Gumboro (IBDV), Infectious anemia in chickens (CIAV), to limit the infection of Avian Reovirus.

Treatment solution

  • For individuals showing symptoms and clinical lesions, they should remove and disinfect the barns and breeding areas.
  • The rest use ICO-ANTI VIRUS 1ml/3 kg P to prevent Avian Reovirus replication, enhance macrophages + ICO-ACID ORGANIC LEMON ONLY 1g/5 kg P for liver and kidney detoxification + ICO-HERBAL ANTI-INFECTIONS 1ml/3 kg P to limit the excessive inflammatory process of the body, for the whole herd to drink for 3 days,then use attenuated vaccine to inject the whole flock of chickens. Continue to give the whole flock of chickens to take the above drugs for an additional 3 days. Then reduce the dose to use the manufacturer's dose tape for another 5-7 days.

Wish you effective control of Reovirus disease in chickens with high efficiency.

Post author: Dova Hung

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