As a user of his youth to research, develop and deploy the ICOPRO solution suite to help keep livestock and aquaculture safe and sustainable. Moreover, the ICOPRO solution suite has helped create safe, delicious and nutritious food for society.

Dova Hùng
Dova Hung

Dova Hung:

Graduated with a major in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine from Bac Giang University of Agriculture and Forestry and Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

Graduated from Bac Giang Medical and Pharmaceutical College.

Hotline: 0963679669 – 0876686786

Zalo: 0876686786

Facebook page: Hung Dova

Youtube: Dova Hung

Tiktok: @Dova Hung

  • Dova Hung has over 20 years of experience in the animal husbandry and veterinary industries.

– He wrote the book like:

  1. The secret to the most effective antibiotic combination.
  2. The disease is common in chickens pictures.
  3. The disease is common in ducks images.
  4. The disease is common in pigs.

- Poem Diagnosing chicken pox disease.

– Diagram of effective antibiotic combination 

Bí quyết phối hợp kháng sinh Dova Hùng
The secret chart of antibiotic combination

– Dova Hung has more than 8 years of experience and skills in guiding dissection and diagnosis of livestock and aquatic diseases online.

- Free training and support for newcomers.

– Accompany, guide solutions, technical processes for livestock and aquaculture farms 24/7.

Present Dova Hung is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

ICOVET . Biotechnology Co., Ltd


ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd., distributes microbial products, fermented herbs, and fermented nutritional supplements.

– Dova Hung and TKS biological factory, research, experiment, apply fermented herbal formulas with high efficiency.

– TKS biological factory meets international standard ISO 9001: 2015. With more than 13 years of experience in microbiological production, c.The products are manufactured on the most advanced technology today, the brands meet the standards of conformity, and are circulated nationwide.

Baner nhà máy sinh học TKS
TKS . Biofactory

– The ICOPRO solution set contains microbial products, fermented herbs, and fermented nutritional supplements.

  • The ICOPRO solution suite also contains an indispensable part, which is an effective and economical use process guide, technical support, and 24/7 companionship with livestock and aquaculture farmers. Solution Kit ICOPRO when applied in practice for outstanding results.

The benefits of the ICOPRO solution suite for farmers and aquarists are:

  1. The line of fermented herbal products has anti-viral, bacterial, and moldy effects. Strengthen the immune system, increase interferon, effectively control pathogens entering the body of livestock and aquatic animals, enhance macrophages to destroy pathogens, enhance immune response, increase efficiency when using vaccine use. Typically, it helps to effectively control infectious diseases that cause polio in poultry and waterfowl. Treatment of pig diseases blue ear, FMD, skin rash in cows ... highly effective.

  2. Increase productivity with fermented supplementary feed, reduce feed costs, and improve quality of meat, egg and dairy products.

  3. Treat the farming environment, help reduce pathogen pressure, reduce costs, and reduce environmental pollution.

  4. Making livestock and aquaculture easier, more profitable, and more sustainable.

The benefits of the ICOPRO solution suite for users of livestock and aquaculture products are:

  1. Limit antibiotic residues, toxic substances, pathogens in meat products, eggs, milk ...

  2. To use meat, egg, dairy products… with higher nutritional quality. Let's once enjoy the delicious, chewy meat flavor from livestock and aquatic products using the ICOPRO solution set.

ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd., distributes antibiotics, health-promoting supplements for livestock and aquatic products.

– Dova Hung worked with the veterinary drug factory of DAEYONG Vietnam Joint Stock Company to research and experiment with formulas of veterinary drugs and supplements for high efficiency.

– Veterinary drug products and supplements in livestock, manufactured at veterinary drug factories that meet the standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP), as recommended by the World Health Organization WHO.

- With drug formulas researched from the actual requirements of livestock and aquaculture. Product lines for outstanding performance.

– The goal is to produce antibiotics and chemical adjuvants to rescue disease-affected farms and help reduce damage. After solving the problem of disease treatment, we will advise on ICOPRO solutions, disease prevention procedures with microbial products, fermented herbs, and fermented nutritional supplements for the farm.

Mission of ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd

ICOVET – Animal Heath Care

  • With the ICOPRO solution set to help take care of the health of livestock and aquatic products with the best microbial products, fermented herbs, and fermented nutritional supplements.
ICOVET-Animal Heath Care
ICOVET-Animal Heath Care

ICOVET – Livestock Prosperity

  • Prosperity will only be achieved when there is a balance between the profits of the company, employees, agents, breeders and the interests of users of products from livestock and aquaculture. ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has done this and continues to strive to fulfill its mission.
ICOVET-Chăn Nuôi Thịnh Vượng
ICOVET-Livestock Prosperity

If you have the same mission like ICOVET, let's go together Dova Hung Let us work together to help as many people as possible in livestock and aquaculture to increase their income, at the same time increase their value, increase their income and do great things. 




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