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When combined to use prevention and treatment of diseases for livestock and aquatic animals, it is called an ICOPRO solution. 

The ICOVET product range focuses on supporting the immune system of pets and aquatic animals. When the immune system is strong, animals and aquatic animals will always be protected and healthy. 

With reasonable costs, keeping livestock and aquatic products healthy, and at the same time helping to increase productivity, so input costs for livestock and aquaculture are reduced, feed consumption, and antibiotics are reduced. born, so the profit will be higher.

ICOVET products are manufactured on a strict process, the quality is always stable. ICOVET products are manufactured in factories that meet international standards ISO 9001: 2015. 

ICOVET Company is committed to always ensuring quality, ensuring benefits for agents, breeders and seafood, providing ICOPRO solutions to help clean livestock and seafood easily, with higher profits.

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