Downside disease on ducks, which our relatives often call it Syndrome of reduced laying in ducks or Tembusu disease in ducks.

1. Age of Tembusu

– Ducks from 3 weeks old or more and laying ducks often suffer from diseases that cause heavy damage.

2. Causes of Tembusu

– Duck upside down disease caused by Tembusu virus belonging to the Flavivirus strain causes duck laying syndrome (BYD).

Tembusu lây truyền
Tembusu route of transmission

– The animals that carry the disease are: ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, sparrows and especially mosquitoes that transmit the disease, which are infectious agents from sick ducks to healthy ducks.

3. Clinical symptoms

- Symptoms of fever, loss of appetite, atypical neurology, sick ducks often fall back and raise their legs in the air.

Tembusu vịt bị lật ngửa
Duck Tembusu flipped upside down

- Diarrhea, green stools, the color of young bananas

Tembusu tiêu chảy phân xanh nón chuối
Tembusu diarrhea green stool banana cone

– Laying ducks reduce the laying rate to 10 %, after 30 days, the laying rate increases gradually.

4. Tembusu's lesions during surgery

– When examining sick ducks, they see inflammation and meningeal hemorrhage.
- Myocardial degeneration, necrotic stripes, white.

Tembusu hoại tử trắng cơ tim
Tembusu white necrosis of myocardium

- Spleen swelling, hemorrhage, necrosis.

Tembusu hoại tử lách
Tembusu splenic necrosis

- Edema, hemorrhage or pancreatic necrosis.

Tembusu xuất huyết tụy
Tembusu pancreatic hemorrhage

The heaviest ovarian bleeding is the immature eggs.

Tembusu xuất huyết buồng trứng nặng
Tembusu severe ovarian bleeding

– Tembusu disease is often combined with E.coli and Riemerell causing blood palsy.

E.coli ghép Riemerella bại huyết trên vịt, ngan
E.coli grafting Riemerella poliomyelitis in ducks, swans

5. Prevention of Tembusu

- Vaccinate Tembusu ducks from 7 days old, can be repeated after 15 days, once every 6 months for laying ducks.

- High biosecurity farming should be applied. Prevent sparrows and mosquitoes from spreading disease.
- Use ICO-Anti-virus + ICO-Anti-inflammatory herbs to strengthen the immune system, prevent pathogens from entering, increase phagocytosis to destroy pathogens, enhance the effectiveness of vaccines, protect multi-organ function, help ducks raise healthy, disease free

– Disinfect drinking water with ICO-Acid organic lemon.

6. Treatment of Tembusu

– Use ICO-Anti virus 1ml/2.5 kg P + ICO-Herbal Anti-Inflammatory 1ml/5kg P + ICO-Acid Organic Lemon 1g/5kg P + Antipyretic. Feed ducks continuously for 3-5 days. Then reduce the dose by 1/2 of the above dose until the disease is cured. Then use according to the manufacturer to sell.

- Tembusu antibody injection for ducks. If there is no further resistance to Tembusu, after 3 days, Tembusu vaccine can be given or not, depending on the level of infection.

- Antibiotics should be used for treatment polio in ducks caused by E.coli or Riemerella.

- Disinfect livestock barns, once every 3 days until the disease is cured.


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