dermatitis nodules

dermatitis nodules


Bullous dermatitis is a dangerous infectious disease caused by a virus that infects cattle.

Cows with dermatomyositis will show up on the skin with lumps and lumps from small and growing up.

If not treated in time, the lumps will burst to form ulcers. The disease can get worse and lead to the death of cows with skin rash.

Inflammation of the skin in nodules will be completely cured, very simply by ICO-ANTI VIRUS is a cure.

Dosage and how to use: 100g of ICO-ANTI VIRUS to feed or drink for 1000 kg of cows with skin rash or for cattle to prevent infection.

When using the drug ICO-ANTI VIRUS from 10-15 days, the disease nodular dermatitis In cattle will be completely cured without re-occurrence.

The lumps will dry out gradually after 5 days of taking the medicine, the lumps will shrink and fall off after 15 days of taking the medicine.

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Dry skin rash

Here is one of thousands of cases nodular dermatitis in cows that were completely cured with ICO-ANTI VIRUS and recorded customer reviews:


With sick cases nodular dermatitis If there is severe swelling of the legs and feet, you should inject more antibiotics: Penicillin + Streptomycin + Diclophenac. If the cow is pregnant, use Amoxicillin + Diclophenac or Ceftiofur + Diclophenac instead. Continuous injection 2-3 days a day, depending on the condition of the disease. In the case of cows showing intermittent fever, the cow has been infected with blood parasites. You should use medicine to treat blood parasites is Azidin + Distilled water + Caffeine + Anagil to inject 1-2 injections in 1 to 2 days, depending on the condition of the disease. Dosage according to the manufacturer.

When you use injections, still feed or drink ICO-ANTI VIRUS cows, the effect will be very fast.

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