Fatty Shells for Pets, Aquatic Animals


According to the old husbandry's point of view, only when it is about to be sold, do people use fattening drugs for livestock and aquatic products. With this old method, livestock and aquatic animals often suffer from diseases due to lack of nutrition such as: pecking each other, losing feathers in chickens and swans, biting each other in pigs, curved body, opaque muscles, thin shell in shrimp, slow growth .

With the research of ICOVET Biotechnology Co., Ltd., supplemental nutrition for livestock and aquatic products needs to be supplemented regularly and continuously from a young age to bring the highest efficiency. A product with a cost of 1/2 compared to similar products with high efficiency, ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER with the application process from 1 day old brings the following benefits:

Ingredients of ICO-SUPER SPEED, the only "terrible" fat body in Vietnam:

  1. Hydrolyzed fish protein extract is a nutrient that helps to create achievements in livestock and aquaculture.
  2. Supplementing with essential vitamins + minerals to help livestock and aquatic animals grow and develop well. You do not need to take any other supplements.
  3. Adding 20 kinds of amino acids to help balance nutritional composition and protein balance, increase protein absorption, reduce FCR.
  4. Adding 3 strains with many types of bacteria and fungi to help control diarrhea, necrotizing enterocolitis, white feces and fungus.
ICO-Siêu tăng tốc, vỗ béo thanh phần tác dụng
ICO-Super acceleration, fattening "terrible" ingredients bring outstanding efficiency

The benefits of ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER bring:

  1. Increase your farm's livestock and aquaculture achievements.
  2. Save money by not having to buy many supplements
  3. Reduce feed consumption, reduce FCR, reduce harmful gas in the farming environment due to the maximum absorption of protein.
  4. Do not use digestive enzymes, other probiotics. Stimulate the development of the digestive system, increase the immune system, limit diarrhea, necrotizing enterocolitis, gastrointestinal fungus.
  5. The total cost for a set of tonics is now only 1 bottle. The price is very cheap compared to the benefits of ICO-SUPER INCREASE, BIGGER.
ICO-Siêu tăng tốc, vỗ béo
ICO-Super acceleration, fattening
With modern technology, ICO-SUPER SPEED-UP, the fat body is produced at a bio-factory that meets international standards ISO 9001: 2015 bringing outstanding efficiency to farmers and aquarists.
Video recording the effect of ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER for chickens:
Video recording the effect of ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER for swans:


Video recording the effect of ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER for Pigs:



We distribute products through a network of agents. If you are a livestock and aquaculture farm that wants to buy ICO-SUPER SPEED, BIGGER, please contact the information below so that we can direct you to the agent closest to you.

Wishing you high profit breeding!

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